Accidents can happen anywhere, and before you know it your car can get completely grounded with no hope of moving on its own. It does not even have to be something serious; a tire can pop anywhere; an engine can overheat or even a single wire can come loose. But the result is always the same, you stuck on the road with no way to get on time where you need to be. That’s why it’s so important to know a good tow truck company to help you if the occasion ever comes. And we are more than ready to assist at any time.


Here we believe that the core of a good tow truck service lies in two core elements. And those are speed and availability. Accidents after all happen right in the middle of anything and usually when we are in a rush to go somewhere else, so they dramatically impact our schedules and daily plans. That is why you need and deserve a tow truck service that is going to arrive fast in the scene. And here we are committed to reach you as soon as possible from the moment of your call. Time is the most important resource of the current century, and we fully understand that, that’s why we make sure to respect yours and organize our taskforce efficiently to be able to respond to any situation as fast as possible.


If you have had to experience waiting for hours before getting towed that is precisely what we are trying to avoid. If you or any other client needs help then you deserve it as soon as you need it, and thanks to our dedicated scheduling staff we can reliably respond to requests faster and more consistently than other companies in the same line of work. So rest assured that if you ever find yourself in a pinch and don’t know where to go, a single call to us will offer you the fastest solution possible.


On the other hand, as we mentioned before accidents can happen anytime, and we do mean anytime. And there is nothing as stressful and often limiting as getting stuck on the road in the middle of the night. In fact, many companies will not offer their services depending on how late it is, making the wait even longer than it must be. We understand that the kind of situations that require tow truck services can truly happen anytime, and as such we have taken great lengths to make sure our staff can cover you in the widest schedule possible. You will get a far broader range of action from us than any other providers and as we mentioned above, we will reach you faster than most other tow truck services in the market.


In short, we fully and honestly believe that you should have a reliable and fast option to cover you in case of any accident, regardless of the time of the day, or how abrupt the situation was. We have all had issues on the road before, and it is something nobody enjoys. That is why it is our personal commitment to offer a service that can help you efficiently. Nobody wants to be part of an accident but being ready if it ever happens can make it so much tolerable for everybody. That’s why being ready with our number in hand can make a difference the next time your car or a friend’s vehicle gest stranded on the road.


Of course, tow truck services are not meant always to be in response to immediate issues. If you require a tow truck for other things such as towing an old car to a sale, help moving trailers or the like you can also schedule an appointment. Our services cover a wide range of areas and the main concern will always be your comfort and providing a great service. So regardless of what you might need one for, assistance for a grounded car, moving heavy vehicles or other things that might come up; make sure to remember a simple thing: Here in Lithonia we are synonym with towing, and we are always ready and willing to offer you the best possible tow truck service there is to be found.